About me

Almost every time I meet someone for working purposes or for fun, I spend five-ten minutes googling his name.
It is like a way to have a second point of view of the person I'm dealing with!
When I decided to start with this personal site, I had the same aim: to give to everyone like a movie trailer of myself, my interests and my projects, plus share, day after day, some experiences of my life.
Now it is time to introduce myself: I was born in Milan, Italy in 1984; when I was young, with my family we moved to Varese, a small town nearby were I grew up. My childhood dream was to be an astronaut (like 80% of the boys...), after there was the real life and today I'm a really happy aerospace engineer!!
Hindsight I understood how much the engineering fits with my personality: since I was young my main play was to disassemble my toys, try to understand how they worked and reassemble them improving the features; before with toys, then with bicycles and then with motorbikes. Now I play with something bigger and more expencive, but they are always toys for me...
Among many others, three experiences have been important for my growing:
Company's internship: At the end of my bachelor degree, I joined MvAgusta (a motor bike company) for four months. There I had the chance to understand the meaning of working in a company, the challenge of the relations with collegues and the satisfaction of a goal  achieved by a team work. Most important, I understood that the work for which I studied was the one that I liked!
Students' association: more or less along all my university years, I led the ASVP, among the biggest student association of my town. With the elected board, we organized policy debates, conferences, events and of course, parties! It was simply awesome!! Here I learned how much difficult is to motivate someone (without the help of the money) and how much satisfying is to achieve this goal!
Educator's time: the story is long and the idea is that I've always felt pretty lucky for all that I have. I started to volunteer when I was nineteen, I helped with the homework the guys of a penal community (Comunità "Il Sorriso" Onlus). Then one thing leads to another and in January 2010 I started to work there as educator part-time till the end of 2012. The best and more difficult experience ever!!
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If you need more formal info about me, at the bottom of this page there is my CV.