My experience with android mini pc MK808

I'm really interested in the features of the new smart-TVs but I do not like that you have to pay at least 20% more to have them and I do not like too that these mini-PCs are strictly embeded in the televisions and you can't port them when you change your device. For these reasons I looked for something that would meet these needs and I found the Android mini PCs. Actually these devices are like the smartphones but without the phone; you connect them to your TVs by the HDMI and you have all the power of andriod with an huge screen! Obviously they have WiFi, OTG and micro-SD slot.


After some research I chose the MK 808, a 1.6 GHz dual core with 1Gb of ram and a full HD video output.
I bought the Android mini PC on from the seller Shenzhen Value in Action Technology Co.,Ltd. (It was my first time on aliexpress and I had the feeling to be very safe).

The MK808 is well made and it works immediatly great! It cames with all the possible cables; the android version is Jelly Bean 4.1.1 (but you can update/falsh him, there are plenty of firmwares available on-line). The remote rc12 works pretty fine.
The stock firmware has a CPU underclocked to 1.4 GHz (for stability reason) and the video output is not yet to the full HD resolution.
As first thing I installed and tested the Netflix app: it works really well! Also youtube and TED run without problems. Skype works pretty fine too, but I'm still looking for the right webcam. A weird stuff is that there is not power-off button, but after few minutes of sleep mode, it turns off automatically.


  • MK808 + RC12 air mouse w/ keyboard $63.89
  • shipping $12.63

Shipping time:

  • I bought the mini PC November 6
  • the seller shipped it November 9
  • delivered November 30


  • Microsoft LifeCam VX-800: ok microphone and video, but Skype switches the windows
  • Sitecom Wireless Range Extender 300N WL-330: the MK808 is not able to see the WiFi



I try it

I ordered the same Android PC and I absolutely satisfied with this. I can recommend for anyone.

How you can wake it?

I bouth the same device with air mouse F10. The problem is I can't wake it (or turn it on) by air mouse.. It's connected to projector and I have to turn off and on MK808 when I use it.

Sleep mode

Ciao Homko,

I think that the answer to Robert may satisfy also your question!! If you have other doubts let me know!!

Question: How to Sleep Mode?

I am using the same MK808 and how do you send MK808 to Sleep Mode?

New firmware

Ciao Robert,

my RC12 has the key for the sleep mode, if you leave the MK808 for more than 15 minutes in the sleep mode it turns off by itself.

Now there is available the new version of the firmware (4.2.2) that adds a software power-off botton.

these are the links where you can download the firmware:

and here there are some interesting info about the new functions of the 4.2.2 version:

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