More than one of us has some gym tools in the garage, legacy of a father that started a diet, bought a lot of stuff and, after few months, left everything at the dust. I was in this situation few years ago and I decided to resurrect the old tools and train myself at home. 

After some time, the limits of the alone training became evident: I was not able to try the maximal  banch press lifting load (actually was pretty not safe use medium/high loads completly alone...) and was hard to find an easy way to use the barbell curl for the squat without the frame where hold it at the beginning.

For these reasons, with some collegues engineers, we started to think to a safe gym tool able to overcome these limits. 
The answer was HyGyTo: a gym tool for weightlifting exercises where the load is provided without weight discs.
With this project we partecipated at the Idea2Product competition 2011 winning the third prize (the pitch is at the bottom of this page).
We can not explain deeply the functioning of the machine because it is not yet covered by a patent, but we have a working prototype and we are looking for enterpreneurs interested to found this idea!



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